For candidates, things will never be the same again…thanks to Peek.

Top 10 Reasons why Peek’s approach works for candidates

So, you need more evidence? Tough sell! OK, here’s 10 reasons why Peek will work for you…

  1. Working in a happy, productive environment will work wonders for your creativity – you’ll be as much a three times more creative if you’re happy in your work. The company gets the best of you, you get the best of you and the positive ripple spread outwards to your colleagues and throughout the company.
  2. Because you’re in an environment that encourages and rewards, you excel and push yourself enhancing your career prospects as a result.
  3. You become part of a team that pulls together – bad cultural fits mean an increase in disharmony and absenteeism – all of which have a negative effect on all concerned.
  4. Being appreciated makes you work harder and more loyal – being overlooked under-appreciated or feeling whatever you do makes little or no difference means you’re in the wrong place – you don’t want to work for companies like THAT!
  5. Innovate! In the US, 30m engaged employees come up with more innovative ideas and possess the greatest entrepreneurial spirit. Sharing values and goals equals the kind of liberty you only dreamed of.
  6. Being happy in your work has many physical benefits, too. The relationship between cultural fit and mental and physical health means less stress, anxiety and depression – therefore better health, sleep and general well-being.
  7. Your family and friends benefit, too – constant whining about your job can affect those around you, too. Unhappiness at work can quickly become your one and only topic of conversation so eventually, friends and family will steer away from the subject rather than become intertwined in your misery. Either that or avoid you completely!
  8. If you are happy, society benefits, too. It maybe something you haven’t thought of in any detail but everyone you come into contact with from the person serving tea in the café, to the person you let in your lane while driving or the person you hold the door or lift for – a happy you shares the positivity. Think about it!
  9. If you’re in the right place, with the right people around you, you feel more competent and your self-esteem is high – why would anyone not want that?
  10. Stability. If you’re happy, recognised by your management and can see a clear path ahead of you, you are 87% more likely to stay put. No uncertainty or a feeling you don’t belong and your thoughts are not consumed by wondering where your future lies. Make sense? We think so!