When recruitment goes wrong…

A bad cultural fit for any organisation can be a damaging and costly exercise.

Failing to understand the candidate in the first instance is invariably the root cause to the issue with the initial interview perhaps failing to spot any potential problems.

The fact is, every organisation has a culture, whether that is good, bad or indifferent. One thing is certain, cultures come in all shapes and sizes and two businesses doing exactly the same thing, producing exactly the same results will almost definitely have different cultures and that means a candidate may be perfect one for one, but a huge mistake for the other.

Taking the time to understand the candidate better is the key. Just because they come out top of the pile regarding skills and past experience doesn’t mean they will slip seamlessly into your team. Introducing a negative influence into a productive group can disrupt harmony and cause a number of knock-on effects that can be both stressful and expensive.

People are people and you won’t find their personality on a piece of paper, no matter how impressive it might read. If the new employee simply doesn’t fit or, perhaps worse still, doesn’t want to fit in it will take time to correct the mistake and ultimately it will cost the business money and take time for the team to recover.

It all sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true and it’s backed up with statistics. In the US, 46% of new employees fail within 18 months – and of those 46%, some 89% were due to a bad cultural fit. Call it nine out of ten – those are pretty startling figures and emphasise the need to get the process right from the beginning.

That’s why finding the right person doesn’t necessarily mean finding the best qualified person – it’s all about matching individuals and employers in the first instance and thanks to Peek, finding a square peg for a round hole will soon become a thing of the past.