What We Believe In

The recruitment industry is broken.

The current process is tired, boring and dated.

What may have been true 10, 20 or even 30 years ago is not true today, so why has nothing changed? The answer is because it doesn’t have to. Recruitment will still happen, no matter how jaded the format – employers will turn to recruitment companies and employees will go to them, looking for opportunities.

In many ways, it’s a bit of a depressing situation, a cycle of dullness that will have just as many misses as hits.

Something needed to happen. The whole industry needed a shake-up and a fresh perspective and so Peek was born. A new recruitment platform, which thinks differently and is passionate about delivering its purpose - ‘perfect matching’.

We are bringing a fresh approach that will shake up the industry and finally match candidates and employers on far more than just experience and qualifications. Peek’s purpose is to ‘perfectly match’ not only on ‘skills and experience’, but also on what really matters - personality, culture and values.

Many companies have tried and failed to deliver value while incorporating technology into recruitment – we call it value innovation - but they could not deliver. Instead, most have concentrated in reducing the price of hiring rather than finding the perfect candidate. Less, in this instance, is certainly not more.

The Peek platform, which is available as both an app and web version, asks the right questions from both candidate and employer using a simple-to-use registration process, and then highlights ‘gold’ candidates to the employer - those most relevant to the role at hand. The employer can also use filters to identify candidates appropriate to the role and can then make contact with them instantly and directly.

The platform uses using AI, behavioural learning and clever algorithms aims to deliver its purpose of ‘perfect matching’.

With recruitment agencies driven purely by commission, we thought, ‘OK, let’s remove the elephant in the room – no more commission.’ With that barrier gone, the need to push people towards employers who might not be suitable for them – and vice-versa – simply to keep the business afloat and ticking along, was also gone.

The muddy waters were finally clear and we were able to ask: ‘What if?’.

What if we could find people and employers who were perfectly matched and then get them together? In essence, we’ve created the ideal recruitment world that is relevant to the employers and candidates of today.

A recent meta-analysis by Kristof-Brown reported that employees who fit well with their organisation, co-workers, and supervisor…

  • …had greater job satisfaction;
  • identified more with their company;
  • were more likely to remain with their organisation;
  • were more committed;
  • showed superior job performance.

And the benefits are ten-fold – employees with the highest levels of engagement perform 20% better than disengaged colleagues and companies with an engaged workforce out preform up to a staggering 202% better.

Our platform has dragged recruitment kicking and screaming into the present and our drive is to find the perfect match for all parties – that is what drives Peek and that’s what sets us apart.

There is so much more than placing Candidate A into Position B – it’s all well and good that they have the right skills, qualifications and past experience for the role, but we believe it should be about personality, culture and values matching.

And this isn’t some half-baked whim we’ve dreamed up – we’ve done extensive research to discover what really matters because culture matching really matters. The right person on paper could well be the wrong person in reality, because if there are culture/personality or outlook differences, the new arrival will actually create more harm than good, potential resulting in an unhappy workforce and all the issues that come with it.

If an employer gets it wrong, it can be expensive and it could take time to put things right. The same is true of the candidate who will find their development, job satisfaction and productivity compromised if they find themselves in the right job but with the wrong employer.

So, what do we mean by cultural fit? Well, think about it. Are you the relaxed, laid-back type who works well with others, focusing on work but enjoying the social aspects? If so, you won’t want to be joining an organisation who have private offices and a library-type atmosphere. Eventually, it’ll drive you mad! You need a workplace with an open aspect, where conversation is encouraged and your personality is part of the reason you were hired in the first place.

On the other hand, maybe you like dressing smartly and working in a professional, controlled environment – it’s horses for courses. In the right setting with people who believe in you, you’ll thrive and the company will benefit. If you’re in the wrong place with the wrong people, things will quickly go downhill – you’ll suffer, your colleagues will suffer and eventually, you’ll either move on or be encouraged to do so.

Peek has developed an app and a website that uses artificial intelligence that incorporates algorithms and behavioural learning to best match candidates and employers, using an easy-to-use swipe screen functionality.

We’ve made it so simple to apply for a job by removing the need for CVs and long boring job specs - the app simplifies the recruitment process but at the same time has all the additional features and with the purpose of bettering recruitment standards.

We start with enabling both candidate and employer to 'peek' into the real purpose and values of each other to create synergy - a bond between the two which is for the long-term benefit of both parties and our revolutionary 'Peek into future' index will demonstrate that our purpose works because candidate and employer matching means…

  1. …happier workplaces;
  2. more productive workplaces;
  3. lower recruitment costs because rehiring is minimised;
  4. employees who are more committed to a business they believe in because it matches what's important to them. Remember, employees should be a company's most valuable ‘ambassadors’ - if they are happy then your business will prosper.

And 87% of engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company than those who are disengaged.

Synergy, harmony and ultimately happy, smiley people.

That’s what Peek is all about. It’s what we believe in and what drives us.

When we say ‘Your personal recruiter’, we really mean it.